Building Contaminants

Our strength lies in the project and construction management of complex and challenging contaminant remediation and deconstruction projects. With our broad expertise and many years of practice-oriented experience, we support you from the investigation of building pollutants to remediation and deconstruction planning to execution supervision. We offer you:

  • Contaminant expertise from single-family houses to industrial sites
  • Planning, tendering and execution supervision of pollutant cleanups
  • Control and release measurements
  • Project planning and construction management of deconstructions of any size

We respond to the individual needs of our customers and convince them with high-quality services. We work future-oriented, flexible and take responsibility. The customer can rely on us.

The challenge of deconstruction

Until a few years ago, “deconstruction” was an unknown technical term. People spoke rather of demolition and immediately thought of the old familiar wrecking ball. Building contaminants were a rather subordinate topic. Due to ongoing technical development, increasing scarcity of resources, decreasing landfill space and new findings concerning pollutants, the term “deconstruction” is considered in a differentiated way. Its’ focus is on terms such as remediation of building pollutants, gutting, deconstruction of clean building fabric and recycling.

Trends in housing construction (such as more generous living spaces, urban living, and increased mobility) require more space and resources. Increasingly, former industrial sites are being converted into new residential oases. Typical residential buildings from the 1960s and 1970s require renovation or are giving way to new buildings. In addition, laws, regulations, and guidelines are adapting to increased needs from environmental and resource management. Within these conditions, deconstruction projects including pollutant cleanup and disposal are becoming increasingly complicated and costly. This inevitably requires a specific understanding of the topic of “deconstruction” and the resulting interfaces.

We are aware of this development and are facing up to the challenge. For we are convinced that an early and well-founded investigation of the building substance and a disposal concept based on this will have a positive effect on both the construction time and the costs. A clean separation of the different materials enables an efficient and sustainable deconstruction as well as an optimized disposal respectively a conscious recycling.

Therefore, preliminary investigation and disposal planning always enjoy a high priority in our project activities. Our goal is efficient construction with as few restrictions as possible for all parties concerned. We investigate different remediation and deconstruction options based on the latest state of the art and in compliance with the relevant standards. We then recommend the most efficient variant for joint implementation.

Everything from a single source as an opportunity for project success

In our work, the customer and his needs are at the center of our commitment. We see ourselves as a service provider who accompanies you from the first contaminant expertise to the handover of the renovated and deconstructed area. We control and monitor all planning and construction phases and support you from the initial idea to the commissioning. You decide when and to what extent.

We face difficulties with confidence and transparency. Through forward-looking planning, we identify obstacles and potential for improvement at an early stage. Our broad expertise in the field of building contaminants helps us to identify optimal solutions and measures. Problems are analyzed in detail and presented to the customer for a decision with a recommendation based on various solution approaches.

This allows our customers to concentrate on the essentials – making project-relevant decisions – and we take care of the rest.