Demolition and New Construction Country House, Oberramsern (SO)


The client had a new building constructed on a slope at Berg 15 in Oberramsern. An existing building was demolished. Parts of the floor slab, the buildings on the slope side, the retaining walls and the southern garage were left standing for reasons of stability and became partially integrated into the new building project. On the west side, parts of the building covered by ground weren’t dismantled either.

The new building disposes a basement for technology, leisure and parking. The residential part with two to three above-ground floors had to be placed half on the basement and half on the uphill subsoil. The foundation of the basement was mainly at a depth of 4.5m below ground level. For a swimming pool located centrally in the basement, an additional deepening of about 1.5m was planned on an area of 4 x 9m. The pool became located in the middle of the basement.


Go Bau AG was commissioned by Visimo AG from Kirchberg with the planning and construction management for the project “Demolition – New Construction of Country House, Oberramsern”.

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Realization: 2021-2022