Renovation Exterior Anti-Corrosion Protection on Pressure Pipes, Power Station Rempen (SZ)


AG Kraftwerk Wägital reparied the above-ground pressure pipes above the “Rempen” equalizing basin in the municipality of Vorderthal. The existing and weathered corrosion protection coating had to be completely removed and provided with a new coating.


Due to high contaminant loads in the corrosion protection coating, including heavy metals, PCBs but also asbestos, the highest requirements for air pollution control applied during the refurbishment. At the same time, the protection of people and the environment had to be guaranteed. These requirements were met with a combination of a Class I enclosure and a negative pressure system in accordance with EKAS Guideline 6503. Challenges for the rehabilitation were twofold. First the complete enclosure of the pipelines in the steep terrain and, second the length of the rehabilitation sections of up to 70 meters. The rehabilitation was executed from April 2021 to October 2022.


Consulting the client on questions relating to building contaminants and polluted sites. Incl. technical site management for asbestos removal.

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Sirja Hukari:

Project Organisation


Specialist Construction

Realization: 2020 – 2022

Construction Sum: ca. CHF 4 Mio.