Trenchless construction methods

The complexity of underground structures is increasing. To take account of the various interests involved, trenchless construction methods are increasingly being used. This involves drilling, plowing, and pressing instead of conventional trenching. Without visible and spacious construction sites, pipes are laid from A to B with pinpoint accuracy using this method. Trenchless construction methods such as
– burst lining, relining
– flush drilling
– jacking, microtunneling
generate comparatively low emissions in terms of dust, noise, and traffic disruption. For this reason, they are often a relevant alternative to conventional construction methods, especially in urban areas.

Technical advice and support

We determine various possible construction methods, explain risks as well as necessary measures, and develop the best variant further up to execution support.
Due to our many years of practical experience and the large number of projects carried out with trenchless construction methods in the last 15 years, we offer engineering companies or clients technical advice and support in risk assessment, utility analysis, line selection and routing as well as in review of cost estimates.