Urban Drainage and Water Engineering

Urban Drainage

In addition to classic urban drainage tasks such as pipeline construction, pipeline rehabilitation, pumping and relief structures, the separation, infiltration, retention, and treatment of rainwater are among the central tasks today. Furthermore, trenchless methods are increasingly being used in pipeline construction.

Go Bau AG supports you in the holistic consideration and optimization of your urban drainage project from project planning to implementation and commissioning. We have many years of practice-oriented experience in project planning and realization of the following topics:

– property drainage systems

– communal sewerage projects

– road drainage

– conventional and trenchless pipeline construction

– pipeline rehabilitation

– separation, infiltration, retention and treatment of rainwater runoff

– pumping and relief structures

Water Engineering

In water engineering, projects are increasingly focusing on renaturation, land use and local recreation in addition to traditional flood protection.

For a successful realization of a project with broad acceptance, the different interests in the projects must be considered as far as possible. Various stakeholders are to be involved at an early stage in the development of the project.

During construction, special attention must be paid to environmental protection and flood safety in the vicinity of bodies of water to minimize risks as far as possible. We actively support you in the implementation of your hydraulic engineering project from project planning to realization.