Replacement Transfer Bederstrasse, Zürich-Enge


The bridge Bederstrasse from the year 1922 was in a very bad condition and had therefore to be completely replaced:

  • Replacement of the bridge in two parts under operation
  • Adaptation and replacement of service lines
  • New construction of two stairways
  • New construction of Bederstrasse incl. streetcar tracks over a length of 250m.


Work in confined urban area. With one brief exception in summer 2021, traffic had to flow during the entire onstruction period of twi years. This made an already complex project even more challenging.


Construction management during execution.

Project Organisation:


Phases                          SIA 52 – 53
Realization                   2020 – 2021
Construction Sum       CHF ca. 12 Mio.

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Kevin Ferrari