Drainage Fahrweid


The Fahrweid drainage project was drawn up in order to reduce the flooding problem in the entire Fahrweid neighborhood. This area includes two municipalities: Geroldswil and Weiningen. According to this project, the following construction projects must be realized to eliminate thist specific flooding problem:

– Replacement and enlargement of the municipal sewers in Fahrweidstrasse and Austrasse (owned by the municipalities Geroldswil and Weiningen);

– Replacement and enlargement of the main sewer from Fahrweidstrasse to the “Länggenbach” pumping station (owned by Limeco);

– Renovation and expansion of the “Länggenbach” pumping station (owned by Limeco).



Extension of the main sewer to 1.40m by means of microtunneling.



Overall site management in the realization phase for the “microtunneling” subsection


Contact Go Bau AG

Marc Reinhard: marc.reinhard@gobau.ch

Project Organisation:


Waste water association Limeco
Municipality Geroldswil
Municipality Weinigen


Phases: SIA 52 + 53
Realization: 2019 – Spring 2021
Construction Loan: CHF 17.1 Mio.