Niederglatt (ZH), Relief line Bahnhofstrasse Trenchless and paperless (BIM2Field)


For the capacity increase, a new relief pipeline (meteoric water) with a length of approx. 350 metres and a diameter of DN 1400mm had to be constructed. The pipeline was driven with a (microtunneling) curved drive (min. radius 120m) with two reaches. The required start and target pits were constructed by means of bored piles. A discharge structure was constructed in the Glatt area. In addition, adjustments to various existing structures were necessary as well as some relocations of service lines.


Work on the construction site was organized paperless and supported by the BIM2Field method. On the construction site, all work steps (setting out, excavation, reinforcement, formwork, etc.) were carried out without any paper plans. All execution documents were handed over to the contractor as digital execution models.


INGE ELB was commissioned with the SIA phases 32 to 53. Within INGE, Go Bau AG assumed the role of overall project management, as well as that of construction management.

Contact Go Bau AG

Jonas Germann

Project Organisation


Gemeinde Niederglatt

Abteilung Bau und Umwelt


Engineering Consortium

Engineering Consortium INGE ELB consisting of
ILF Beratende Ingenieure AG and Go Bau AG



Phases: SIA 32 – 53
Realization: 2020 – 2021
Construction Sum: CHF ca. 4.5 Mio.